Vetroresina Padana srl is a dynamic company founded in 1980 to manufacture fibreglass tanks for the agricultural industry.

Excellent product quality and our ability to update product lines quickly have allowed us to become market leaders in the production of Roto-moulded Polythene Agricultural Tanks here in Italy. Our products are well known and supplied across Europe, South America and South Africa.

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Our success is based on our wide product range, high quality standards and our customer care. You can be reassured that our technical staff are always available to assist you with any queries that may arise and strive to meet all our customers’ demands.

When designing our polyethylene and fibreglass tanks we take into account all the parameters necessary to supply unequalled products, in particular each individual item is clearly conceived to be used in weeding, fertilizing and spraying.

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We can also supply various capacities per each product line and we are also able to design special product shapes according to the different environmental conditions: you can find small tanks or low – barycentre tanks or very big tanks to be used in wide areas.

A wide range of accessories is available to customize tanks and make them more practical. As far as product customisation is concerned, we can supply standard – colour tanks or according customers requirements.

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Vetroresina Padana is able to manufacture any kind of products that are suitable for rotational moulding (hollow surfaces). Our product range includes tanks for the agricultural industry, road barriers, street and interior furniture, products for the petrochemical industry, items for water purification and for swimming pools too.

The professional support you will receive from Vetroresina Padana srl include:

Excellent Manufacturing Quality:
Most of our product range is certified according to EEC regulations and each individual tank is carefully tested before shipping.

Environmental Respect:
This is due to our technical solutions provided, such as complete tank emptying, hand wash and circuit wash tanks.

Rapid Response:
Our technicians are always available to help solve problems, onsite assistance is available.

Product Customisation:
Our staff are available to design and manufacture to customers requirements.

Moreover, we cooperate with external partners that are able to manufacture moulds meeting all requirements.